Keedox® Power User Program

Thank you for interesting in the Keedox Power User Program. Before applying, please review the program introduction in full.

This program is a long-lasting project which aims at gathering Keedox Fans, Tech Fans, Products Specialists, Seed Users. We can keep improving our products, services, experiences with your precious feedbacks.

As a Keedox Power User, Your will have your own Privilege. Members can get access to our latest products and apply for a free sample to review. You will be informed if there is a new product available for review. You can choose to apply or not, according to your own interest.

Qualification Requirement

  • 1. Applicants must reside in one of the following countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada.
  • 2. History of high quality reviews on Amazon.
  • 3. Active in technology websites, blogs, forums.
  • 4. Love to share technology articles in Facebook, Twitter, Youtube

We are eager to receiver your apply !